Using CNC machinery in fabrication

We are proud to be the finest name to specialise in fabrications Hampshire has. Our hard work and commitment to expanding our skills have helped us to build a strong reputation. We have excellent attention to detail so we can ensure every item we create is precise. In addition we make sure that clients pay the best prices for services.

In order to complete some of our fabrication work, we use in house CNC milling. The equipment is reliable and offers offline programming. CNC or computer numerical control is a very useful manufacturing concept. Here, machines are automated. They carry out certain jobs depending on the instructions they receive. There are several advantages to using this kind of machine when fabricating products.

Lower costs

To begin with, you can save on manufacturing costs. Due to the accuracy of CNC, the amount of waste drops considerably. This assists the operator with reducing losses. A single CNC can fabricate a wide array of materials, meaning you don’t need several pieces of equipment. This further reduces operating costs.

Greater production speed

Another advantage would be the higher speed of production. Using CNC machining is one of the most efficient fabrication strategies. The machine minimises the number of steps to generate specific parts. Operators are also free to manufacture multiple items or parts at the same time from a single piece of material. This is much faster.


The biggest advantage by far is you can do more with a CNC. There are a number of limitations when you fabricate things manually, including the skill of the operator and how they can move. With a CNC tools can move on 3 or 5 axes, making it easier to create complex shapes.

At ACW Engineering Services, we are able to cater for our clients’ prototype requirements. With us by their side, they can create and redesign products. We can help you do the same too, giving you access to the best team for fabrications Hampshire has.

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