ACW Engineering Services Ltd began trading in August 1987. Since then we have built a strong reputation as a reliable, highly technical specialist. We work in a multitude of industries, including defence, nuclear, explosion suppression, aerospace, and even yacht racing. As a result we have a real wealth of skills and knowledge.

At the outset we only worked with companies based in the UK. Expansion internationally followed though, driven by the fantastic results we were producing for clients.

While we may be a global company now, we remain a small, specialised team. Consequently we can provide unbeatable levels of customer service. It is our philosophy to ensure that every single client receives the best service, regardless of their size or location.

A comprehensive engineering solution

One of the things that makes us really stand out is we can offer an end-to-end solution to cater for various needs. Our team have access to top of the line equipment, including CNC machines and the latest programming software. Therefore, we can provide prototyping or batches of products.

As well as producing bespoke parts we can also take care of assembly requirements. Whether it is a simple product or a complex item such as diesel timing gears, we can assemble the piece effectively. This helps our clients to save time and provides an assurance that the parts fit together correctly.

In addition to CNC machining and assembly, we can also arrange bespoke fabrication. While we don’t provide this in-house, we work with reliable specialists. That means we can arrange the right service for you.

Whether it is a small local project or major national or international works, we can provide the right service. Every client can have complete confidence in us to achieve the best standards and maximum value.

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