CNC engineering makes product redesign easier

CNC machines are excellent for prototyping for many reasons. Most importantly they can ensure every single part is precise. In addition they require a detailed design made using computer software. The model of the piece can be 3D, making it easier to visualise. As a leading name for CNC engineering Hampshire based clients can rely on, we have a lot of experience with creating prototype products. We can even look at using CNCs for developing new products from existing ones.


A key advantage with CNC is you can save the file for every single design. As a result when you come to redesign you don’t need to start from scratch; instead you can edit the existing product. A programmer can make all kinds of changes to a model on the software. As a result they can physically see the changes and the possible impact they will have. For example the design can show if different parts can fit together.

Minimal tooling needs

One of the greatest things about CNC machining is that a single machine can do the work of several. You can use CNCs to cut, turn, drill, add texture, and do much more. This saves a lot of time and makes production faster. If it is possible to manufacture the product with minimal tooling changes, it will save even more time and money.

Error reduction

Trial and error can become necessary in product redesign. While looking at and editing the 3D model will help, sometimes it is necessary to look at the piece after it is made. Sadly this increases the risk of reject parts. One thing to do to reduce these errors is design parts that are symmetrical so they fit either way around.

Faster production

With a CNC machine you can make parts very quickly. This is useful in product redesign because it means the process will take less time. It can also reduce how long it takes to get a new product to market.

If you are considering redesigning a product we would be happy to help. Our wealth of experience means we can offer lots of useful tips. We are also the best provider of CNC engineering Hampshire has so clients won’t find better services.

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