Why choose CNC milling over conventional machining?

The development of computer numerical control was one of the biggest advances in engineering technology in the 20th century. With computers, equipment could do more and offer lots of benefits for the user. In many cases the machines replaced conventional manufacturing entirely. At ACW Engineering Services we use top quality equipment to deliver great results for our clients. As a result we are the best for CNC milling Hampshire has.

Advantages of CNC

There are plenty of reasons why people opt for CNC over conventional. This includes:

Capability: With a CNC it is easy to create complex products that conventional machining cannot. A machine can cut on three axes and even add texture.

Precision: A CNC will eliminate human error from the machining so parts are more accurate (in most cases within 1/1000th).

Set up speed: There is no time consuming set up with CNC so production time is shorter.

Capacity: A CNC machine can work much faster than a manual operator so it is perfect for larger scale production.

Less labour: CNCs are autonomous and require very little labour. A single programmer and one operator can control several machines.

Uniformity: Because a CNC uses a single design and works to the same parameters, every unit will be identical.

Safety: A great thing about CNC machines is the distance between tool and operator. As a result it is very safe and the chance of injury is very low.

Low maintenance: There is very little upkeep with a CNC – generally all you need to do is clean lightly and replace tools when they dull and no longer cut precisely. Regular servicing is also not necessary.

Lower costs: Many of the advantages above combine to make CNC machining cost effective.

One disadvantage

There is only one area where conventional machining is better than CNC; the initial cost. A CNC machine can be a big investment and this makes it unwise if you only need it to produce one product. However, if there is any kind of scale or you need to ensure precision, it is a good idea to invest.

Reliable services

At ACW Engineering Services we work hard to ensure we provide the best CNC milling Hampshire can offer. We can meet any needs, even offering prototyping and small batch production. We set very high standards and will ensure every single product is precise.

If you have any questions about what we can do, please get in touch.