Obtaining supreme finishes with CNC machines

People consider us one of the leading companies specialising in CNC engineering Hampshire has. We have built a wealth of experience since starting out in the 80s. Using our talents, we assist clients in various industries. We are a global business, but we are still capable of giving everyone a first rate service.

It is difficult to talk about CNC machines without discussing how you can get a supreme surface finish. Everyone wants to get their hands on professional looking and polished components. With the following steps, this is a very easy.

Speed and feed

You need to make use of the right speeds and feeds. It is a terrible practice to guess about which settings you must use. The best course of action would be to employ a calculator to determine the speed and feed. The right design can also account for factors like ballnose compensation and radial chip thinning.

Clean away those chips

It is always preferable to clean chips away as well. You can’t allow them to remain. When they do, they are able to scratch work areas when the cutter moves them around. This shall interfere with the entire CNC milling operation. Things will become especially problematic when you work with stainless steel or other hard substances. The recommendation is to use CNC coolant to clear chips away instead of compressed air.


CNC engineering HampshireYou should perform finishing and roughing using separate tools too. With the finish passes, it would be wise to use brand new, sharp tooling. Eventually, each tool will wear down because of extensive use. Once this happens, start using them for rough work only.

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