Fabrication comes in several forms

If you are looking for a business that specialises in fabrications Hampshire has no better option than us. On every job, we show our greatest qualities. This includes conforming to the product’s requirements and paying close attention to detail. We also have a wealth of experience and the ability to overcome lots of design and manufacturing challenges.

Fabrication is actually a very broad term. It refers to any procedure that moulds, shapes, or cuts materials. As a result it allows you to fashion an end product from semi-finished or raw substances. You are free to use all kinds of metal fabrications as well. The one you end up using shall depend on the end product you need and the mediums you start with.


This is one of the oldest fabrication options. Here, you pour molten metal on a die or mould. Then, you let it cool and harden into the shape you want. Casting is useful when mass producing components while using the same mould to create identical items.

Several types of casting exist. For example, die casting is where you force liquid metal into a die rather than a mould. Applying pressure here keeps the metal in position until it hardens. This process is popular since it supports high-speed applications.


Another very common form of fabrication is cutting. You can cut a metal work piece to divide it into smaller units. Sawing might be the oldest cutting method, however, contemporary techniques include using power scissors, water jets, and lasers. You can also use CNC cutters. Cutting could be the only process you use or it may be the first phase in a longer process.

At ACW Engineering Services, we work with a trio of local fabricators in order to meet everyone’s needs. One specialises in ferrous substances and another works with non-ferrous ones. The last is our favoured coded provider. Whether you have a simple design or a complex one, you can come to us for the best help with fabrications Hampshire can offer.

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