Quality Policy

ACW Engineering Services Ltd



Scope of Operations and Activity                                                                                                                     

We have applied our Quality Management System to the following scope of activity against which we are assessed and registered by a National Accredited Authority:


“The Provision of Precision Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly and Associated Services”


Policy Statement

It is the policy of ACW Engineering Limited to maintain and operate our business in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, statutory requirements and our Quality Management System.

We also strive to meet the requirements and expectations of our Customers, staff, suppliers and any other relevant party with whom our Quality Management system interacts through the Scope of our business as defined in this statement”

It is also our policy to promptly evaluate and resolve any suspected instances of non-compliance.

We recognise the importance of our Quality Management System, and encourage all our employees, Customers and Suppliers to embrace their responsibility with regards to these requirements.

We are committed to providing adequate personnel and other resources to comply with these requirements, expectations and any applicable laws, regulations and requirements, and those of any relevant interested parties, to implement, maintain, and continually improve our Quality Management System


0.1           Commitment                                                                                                                                                        

We, the management of ACW Engineering Limited, comply with the provisions and directives of this quality policy in order to develop our business


We achieve this by identifying our customer expectations in the products and service we provide and committing to constantly review and improve our systems, processes and business to the benefit of our customers and staff.


0.2           Communications                                                                                                                                                

In order to comply with the provisions of this quality policy statement we communicate its contents and our commitment at all levels in the company.
This is assisted by adopting the international quality standard BSENISO 9001:2015 to assess and monitor continued improvements in our quality program.


0.3           Directives and Objectives                                                                                                                 

In this respect we shall continue to:


  1. a) Provide the necessary resources to meet the requirements of Interested parties.
  2. b) Meet any relevant legal and statutory obligations.
  3. c) Communicate our quality policy to any relevant interested parties. d)            Install and effectively apply our documented practices.                                                                                 e)            Plan and set achievable quality targets to show the effectiveness of our processes.
  4. f) Ensure management reviews the relevant aspects of the business.                 g)                Develop and improve our products and services were possible.
  5. h) Improve our capacity and delivery of service possible.
  6. i) Consider quality and risk when selecting suppliers and subcontractors.
  7. j) Apply identification and traceability practices where needed.
  8. k) Look after our customer’s property.
  9. l) Measure, monitor and improve our performance.
  10. m) Identify and control the potential for errors.
  11. n) Develop the means for improvement


The above provides the framework against which specific improvement objectives are agreed, implemented and monitored through our management systems.


0.4           Review

Our quality manual contains our stated policy in respect of the quality standards specified tasks. These provide our quality systems with objectives and targets that we review annually and change only where there is a benefit to the Company, or our customers.


Lee Birchwood – Managing Director